Opinion OutPost Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam? Is it Safe?

Opinion Outpost is yet another one of those “Get Paid To” websites that encourages people to complete small tasks and in return get paid for their time and efforts.

You would think that this is a good idea on the surface, I mean who doesn’t want to make money from home doing easy to complete tasks.

Furthermore, what if those tasks are things like “Watching Tv”, Playing games, or completing offers where you get access to free products or services for a trial time period.

I for one would put my hand up to take part in these kinds of programs especially if I get paid for doing so – I mean it’s a no brainer – right?

Wrong, as you will soon find out in this review.

But, first and important question.

Is Opinion OutPost a Scam?

In my opinion (excuse the pun), Opinion Outpost is Not a scam for the mere reason that they do pay you for completing tasks, however, I guess the scammy part Check out this review of Opinion Outpost about the program, is the marketing behind Opinion Outpost.

This is where you see people saying things like, you can make a lot of money reading emails or taking surveys or completing offers for example, which, in my opinion is stretching the truth.

Yes, you can make money doing these things, but, here’s a reality check. Completing a survey may credit you with $0.25 and take you anywhere transcribeme reviews from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

If you do the math on this, then it’s a far cry from making a lot of money.

Now, this is not solely the fault of Opinion Outpost, because virtually anyone can promote Opinion Outpost, which means that they can say whatever they want about the program, whether that is good or bad.

If you have been incentivized to promote Opinion Outpost (i.e.) are getting paid to promote Opinion Outpost, then your view on Opinion Outpost may differ somewhat from those who have had a bad experience with Opinion Outpost.

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Is Opinion OutPost Safe?

In my opinion, I think that Opinion Outpost is as safe as any other online survey company. They have been operating online for a number of years now, so if there was anything untoward then I believe they would have been shut down by the FTC years ago.

How Do You Make Money With Opinion Outpost?

As mentioned earlier, it’s a fairly simple process that requires you to complete certain online tasks like “Watching Tv”, playing games, completing offers and taking surveys.

Once you have completed a task you are rewarded with points that you can exchange for money or gift cards.

Not all tasks reward you in the same way.

Some tasks accur more points than others, like surveys for example, can pay you anywhere from %0.25 per survey to $10 per survey.

I know, you’re thinking, no problem, I’ll just complete HealthyWage Review: Get Paid To Lose Weight – Stealth Secrets as many surveys as I can, and you would be right for thinking that, however, you first have to 1) be illegiable to take part in the survey, 2) pass the pre-qualification questions and 3) be accepted to take part in the survey.

This is often a point of frustration for many.

Do I Think Opinion Outpost is Worth It?

I don’t think that Opinion Outpost is a good way of earning money online